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Huawei Philippines announces "Loan Phone Service"

Huawei Philippines announced a new way of dealing with customer device repair. Loan Phone Service will let you stay connected while you get your device fixed.
Huawei Philippines announces "Loan Phone Service"
Get a temporary Huawei phone while your phone is being repaired

Damaged Phone? Huawei got you, fam!

As the name implies, Huawei's Loan Phone Service will provide customers with a complimentary phone while their devices are being repaired. This new service available in all Huawei Service Centers nationwide.

The model of loaned phones varies from branch to branch. You just need to approach any service personnel and ask about the Loan Phone Service to take advantage of this service.

Once your own device is fixed, you just need to return the loaned phone to the service center. The loaned device will be reset once returned so Huawei advises users to back up any data before returning it.

To know more information, you can go to the closest Huawei Service Center and ask any service personnel about it. 

What do you guys think?

Source: Huawei
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