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Soft launch of Plants vs Zombies 3 begins in the Philippines

PopCap Games along with publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the Plants vs Zombies 3, 7 years after the introduction of the PvZ 2. The cool thing, the soft-launch begins in the Philippines.
Soft launch of Plants vs Zombies 3 begins in the Philippines
Plants vs Zombies 3

PvZ is back!

PvZ 3 is still a lane-based tower defense game, but it is now in 3D graphics and runs in portrait mode instead of the traditional landscape orientation to make the game more phone-friendly.

Also, it now has a way to connect to real-life friends and other players to share seeds, strategies, and compete for prizes. PopCap said that PvZ 3 will incorporate social play, faster combat, and deeper synergies for the plant team.

There's no need to place Sunflowers on your lawn to keep your plant army pumping. Instead, it has multiple options to improve sun production. It has new bosses to defeat as well.

The best part, PvZ 3 is still FREE to play. They just added optional microtransactions in the game that can help you speed up your progress in the game.
Download mode!
Download mode!

To run the game, you will need at least an iPhone 6s with at least iOS 13.1 or higher or Samsung Galaxy S6 tier-device with Android KitKat 4.4 OS or higher. 

Upon checking, the game is 85.76MB big on Android and 142.1MB on iOS.

PopCap Games said that after the Philippines, more countries will receive the game.

Source: EA
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