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Alienware showcases Concept UFO, a Switch-like portable gaming PC!

At CES 2020, Gaming laptop and PC maker Alienware just showed a device that could get the interest of a gamer on the go, the Concept UFO.
Alienware showcases Concept UFO, a Switch-like portable gaming PC!
Concept UFO

A PC with Nintendo Switch-like form factor!

The gaming subsidiary of Dell just showed off a PC in a similar form factor of a Nintendo Switch, a very Alienware-looking Nintendo Switch with hexagon accents.
Controllers detached
Controllers detached

Similar to the Nintendo Switch, it is very portable and you can detach its controllers and even dock it to a TV to let you enjoy gaming on a big screen.

The "head" unit has an 8-inch 1200p screen and all the internals that needed to power this device on.
The hub unit
The hub unit

The "hub" unit allows two separate controller halves to combine into one single controller. There is a USB port on both the top and bottom of the UFO that can be used to charge the device and connect it to an external monitor.

The Verge noted that since it runs on regular Windows 10, you can use the USB-C ports to connect a mouse and keyboard to use it just like a regular PC.

And yes, it is obviously for gaming. CNET reported it was able to run some games like Rocket League, F1 2019, and Mortal Kombat 11.

The whole device weighs under 2 pounds. The full hardware is still unknown though. Let's expect it to pack some decent punch to make it run several demanding games.

What remains to be seen is if this prototype will be an actual product that you can buy.

Let's wait and see!

Sources: CNET, TheVerge
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