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Sony announced PS5 stock update, a sad news for the fans

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the PS5 stock update and its a news that PS fans aren't hoping for.
Sony announced PS5 stock update, a sad news for the fans

Due to semiconductor and other components shortage

Same as 2020, getting a PS5 will be difficult. It doesn't matter if you're looking at it in your favorite local tech shop or online. As soon as the next-gen console is available for sale, it will sell out in no time, making the fans annoyed and desperate in grabbing the PS5.

Sony was able to ship 4.5 million PS5 across the globe. Even though this is solid sales, these figures could be higher if only the supply can meet demand. Sadly for Sony, it's quite impossible to supply the needs of PS fans.

Sony mentioned that for this year they cannot increase the production of the highly sought PS5 console and the whole reason is that, there are not enough parts needed.

Hiroki Totoki, the CFO of Sony admitted that they aren't able to meet the high level of demand from their fans due to a shortage of semiconductors and other components despite doing their best to ship out as many consoles possible for their customers who are desperate to get the PS5.

For now, the fans of PlayStation will have to compete over a limited supply of the said console against not just the hopeful customers worldwide but with the annoying scalpers too that hoards the PS5 and abuse the lack of supply in order to gain fortune out of it.

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