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Globe Business eyes expansion of data centers for local enterprises

Globe Business is targeting to expand its data centers amid expectations that the Philippines will become a regional hub for cloud providers.
Globe Business eyes expansion of data centers for local enterprises
Globe targets data center expansion

Globe to strengthen its position in data center market

Peter Maquera, senior vice president for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, said data center plays a crucial role in supporting the country's digital journey.

The data center is one of the foundations of digital infrastructure that enables the Internet to happen. This is a high growth, high potential area, and it’s something we’re very committed to. It is an important infrastructure that the Philippines needs to provide as it becomes digitalized, Maquera said.  

The official said the industry has been recording a spike in data traffic and consumption, as well as demand for edge computing.

The Philippines spends the most time on the internet than any country in the region. Proving this, the group said total data traffic per capital surges by 55 percent to 50 percent a year and is expected to hit 40,903 petabytes by 2025 from 473 petabytes in 2015.

Data consumption per Filipino each month is expected to reach 28.9 GB in 2025, a significant increase from 0.4GB a decade ago.

While there are political tensions between nations yet, the demand for digital continues to be strong. As an alternative, companies have recognized the strategic location of the Philippines. And we’re seeing an increase in investments. So what’s exciting is the potential for the Philippines to be a regional hub for data and digital infrastructure in one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, said Maquera.

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