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Huawei Watch Launched! Will Be Available At Zalora Too Starting December 10 2015! Priced Starts At 19990 Pesos!

Recently. Huawei finally introduced one of the best looking and performing smartwatch in the world for the Philippine market. A smartwatch powered by Android Wear that runs perfectly on both Android and IOS devices.
Huawei Watch Launched! Will Be Available At Zalora Too Starting December 10 2015! Priced Starts At 19990 Pesos!
Huawei Watch officially launched in PH!
Mr. Nino Carandang, Huawei Technologies Business Unit Head for Mobile Broadband and Wearables,
delivered the keynote that excites everyone!

The Huawei watch blends timeless looks, smart features and that will make you want to wear this everyday. The best in looks watch is made out of 1.4 inch touch sensitive AMOLED screen with sapphire crystal lens scratch protection, cold forged stainless steel frame, 6 Axis motion sensor and a built in heart rate monitor.
Huawei Watch Launched! Will Be Available At Zalora Too Starting December 10 2015! Priced Starts At 19990 Pesos!
Mr. Charles Wu, Huawei PH country manager for the consumer business group
“This is the first smartwatch in the Huwei wearable family and is also the first watch on the market that truly bridges the gap between fashion and technology. As part of our expanding line of premium wearable products, the Huawei Watch was designed and created to enhance and be part of the consumer’s everyday lives. It is our response to consumers requests who are looking for a smartwatch that combines timeless design and truly usable features, says Charles Wu, country manager of Huawei’s consumer business group.
“The Huawei Watch continues our commitement ‘Make It Possible,’ as we deliver a truly premium smartwatch that is technologically innovative allowing you to coordinate with your smartphone whether it is Android or iOS,” says Wu.

The intensive timeless design of the Huawei Watch

The Huawei watch is not your ordinary smartwatch, each and everyone of them is handcrafted that pays attention details attentively. It boast a "Swiss inspired" design that has quality materials which elevates the watch to another class.
Huawei Watch Launched! Will Be Available At Zalora Too Starting December 10 2015! Priced Starts At 19990 Pesos!
Check out the beauty of the Huawei Watch

The Huawei watch is made out of more than 130 components that includes crown, frame and hinge that's made out of scratch resistant cold forged stainless steel making it 40% harder. At 42 mm, the stainless steel body comes at 11.3 mm thick which actually looks just right to make it comfortable to wear. The body of the watch is also both corrosion and scratch-resistant. Unlike most regular watches, the Huawei Watch places its crown at the intuitive 2 o’clock press button, offering the highest levels of control and comfort to the user.

Notable features of the Huawei Watch

Unlike other smart watches, the Huawei Watch works on both iOS and Android. Powered by Google’s proprietary Android Wear, receiving SMS, email, calendar, app, and phone call notifications has never been easier or more convenient.

The Huawei watch is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher, and is powered by a Qualcomm 1.2 GHz processor for optimal performance. It also includes 4 GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.1 support.

When paired with your smartphones, the Huawei watch enables you to stay connected wherever you are, with instant notifications on incoming calls, texts, instant messages and emails. Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless headphone usage, and offline music download support. Music can be started via voice commands, with users able to search for destinations and navigate their way there using the same voice actions. Locating missing phones has never been easier than with the watch’s “find my phone” function.

More than just a fashion statement the Huawei watch is also perfect for the sports enthusiast, or just those interested in tracking fitness levels.  It features a heart rate monitor sensor, which can accurately measure heart rates. The sensor protrudes slightly for better skin contact and greater accuracy. With its 6-Axis motion sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer the Huawei watch can detect and track, in real-time, if a user is walking, running, biking, hiking or sleeping. Specifically, users can monitor everything from the number of calories burned, to heart rate, climbing height, steps taken, and distance traveled.

To encourage consumers to live happier and healthier lives, Huawei is developing a wearable’s health and lifestyle ecosystem that will help users set goals and track their progress. Huawei has partnered with several app developers including Jawbone, to strengthen the Huawei Health Ecosystem and create more health and fitness apps that will encourage users to live healthier lifestyles.

Huawei Watch Specs

Display: 1.4 Inch Full Circle AMOLED 400 x 400 at 286 ppi w/ Sapphire Crystal
CPU: 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor
RAM: 512 MB
Battery: 300 mAh
OS: Android Wear
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Sensors: Gyro, accelerometer, barometer, ppg, vibration
Others: Body made out of 316L Stainless steel, Stainless steel or leather watchband, built in mic, Colors: silver, black, gold, 2 years warranty
Price: 19,990 Pesos (Classic Silver), 24,990 (Black Metal)
“As more consumers demand more than just connectivity, Huawei takes the lead in wearable technology. Huawei has invested a lot of research and development to make sure that we are able to combine the best in technology and innovation with premium materials and a classic look and feel. 
As wearable devices become one of the most significant trends in the device industry, we are making use of Huawei’s expertise in technology and innovation to become the leader in the wearable space.”
Huawei Watch comes in rose gold, stainless steel and black frames to choose from together with a variety of bespoke watch face designs with ranges of classic, luxury, business, feminine, modern and simple looks. The choice of straps includes stainless steel mesh, stainless steel links, reose gold, black plated stainless steel links and brown / black leather. It also fits any watch straps with 18mm width for added customizability.

The Huawei Watch Classic Retails at 19,990 Pesos while the Huawei Watch active is priced at 23,990 Pesos and comes with 2 years of warranty. It will be available starting December 10, 2015 at Huawei Experience stores, brand shops and online via Zalora.

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