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Augmented Reality Is Now In The Philippines Thru Spark Global Tech Systems!

Earlier, Spark Global Tech Systems Inc. introduced one of the most exciting innovation in the world of technology here in the Philippines today, the AR (Augmented Reality). It's a next generation type of tech that integrates digital information into a real environment in real time.
AR Reader, Augmented reality now in the Philippines
AR Reader, Augmented reality now in the Philippines

For starters, Spark Global Tech Systems Inc. partners exclusively with Toppan Japan, a 115 year old company that specializes with printing. This time and together, they brought here the Augmented Reality which is used to superimpose virtual images to photos taken via smartphone in real time.
The executives of Spark Global Tech Systems Inc.
The executives of Spark Global Tech Systems Inc.

Compared with VR, AR utilizes the existing technology and put information on top of it. This can be used to provide a realistic spectacle and a true-to-life sensory experience to any existing media platform.
The actual demonstration of this very cool tech
The actual demonstration of this very cool tech

One of it's major advantage is it's the "future of advertising" that brings your content to life. Having said that, it's highly personalized for your need or requirements that can be even changed from time to time.

Where can we use it and how?

First you can download the app called "AR Reader" via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Having said that, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Among the common uses of applications of AR technology is mainly for media and advertising as a form of digital incentives through a smart device, interactive print campaigns, food packaging, promotional videos, 3D animations, 3D flyers, guide books with video documentaries, or trade show of presentation tool and other business related needs.

Due to the ever growing number of smartphone users here in our country, Spark Global assured everyone that we are ready for this Augmented Reality technology. 

For more info you may email them at info@sparkglobaltech.com or visit their website now. #AugmentedRealityIsHere
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