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Samsung Host The First Ever Education Summit, Highlights New Ways Of Learning

Learning is fun, and learning is going mobile which will be the main avenue of learning today and in the near future. That's where Samsung is capitalizing nowadays as they introduced the first ever "Samsung Education Summit" to highlight the importance of digitization in the education industry.
Samsung tablets for education

It's a place where representatives from Samsung Global and different educational institutions from both private / government participated by expressing their views on various issues on education in relation to the digital age and how they'll contribute and maximize its benefits.
Demo of a classroom / office setup with Samsung devices
Demo of a classroom / office setup with Samsung devices

As both technology and education evolves Samsung enters the "Smart Learning" movement wherein it promotes smarter personalized education experience for collaboration and interactions. In that sense, it's easier to share your views, encourage to create new things and ideas, saves a lot of time and cost and can let you do learning anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected.
"Smart Learning is a movement that goes more than just simply readying the teachers and students for the complex and drastically- changing dynamics of our world today, it also aims to inspire them to become competent by equippinh thrm eith the necessary slills to adapt to changes, no matter how radical the changes are," said Gary Khoo, Regional Head of Education in South East Asia & Oceania, Samsung."
This initiative is Samsung's response to the ever growing demand in the new world and a preparation for K12 as we became more competent globally. 
"Digitization in the education industry is a multi-faceted notion that begs to be discussed and even debated about. As digitization assumes not just huge changes, but revolutionary changes, resistance to it is expected. We however, recognize the need to adapt to changes such as these by advocating to implement them. In terms of progress, the education industry in our country still has a long way to go, but we're definitely moving forward," said Ireen Catane, Director for Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp.
With that, Samsung aims to provide great access to technology with their devices and software integration with a virtual learning environment using their Smart Classroom that's loaded with interactive and collaboration features.
The panelist
The panelist

It's a technology they developed to enrich both teaching and learning experience. An entire education solution that works seamlessly to further promote collaboration and engagement between students and teachers.

They're also not new in this initiative as Samsung has long started to drive new ways of learning by partnering with various education institutions to use advanced tech in their classrooms. It includes, The Philippine Science High School and Pasig Catholic College who implemented their Mobile Devise Program for 3 years now with the help of Samsung Tablets.

Overall, with this first ever Education Sunmit, we think that this is a great conversation and investment by Samsung that we should all support. Education is the key to success and maximizing it thru the use of technology can make it easier and better for everyone. Learning can be efficicient, effective and fun thru technology afterall.
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