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Gamdias Hermes E1 And Demeter E2 Gaming Bundle Review - Gaming Bundle Winner?

Gaming has become bigger than what most people thought it would be. It has become a billion dollar industry and a lot of companies have taken notice and want more piece of that billion dollar pie.
Meet Gamdias Hermes E1
Meet Gamdias Hermes E1

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Gamdias a company that specializes with gaming peripherals has entered the Philippine Market in recent years and is in middle of difficult competition from other brands. What Gamdias has done is offer a bundle of their entry level keyboard and entry level mouse into one package at an amazing price point of PHP 4,790. Is it worth it though? Let's find out.

Gamdias E1 Mechanical Keyboard Specs

Key Switch: GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches (Gamdias LOGO)
Key Switch: TypeBlue
GAMDIAS: ElementNo
Dimension: 448 x 202.4 x 36.9 mm (w/ wrist rest)
Dimension: 448 x 156.6 x 36.9 mm (w/o wrist rest)
Weight: 1.56 kg (w/ wrist rest); 1.30 kg (w/o wrist rest)
Built-in Memory: 256K
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
Additional Macro Keys: NA
Programmable keys: 2
Multimedia Keys: 6
Switch Lifecycle: 50 Million
Backlit: Red color
N-Key Rollover: 21-Key rollover
OTF Macro Record: Yes
Windows Key Disable: Yes
All-Keys Lock: Yes
Onboard Audio Jacks: NA
Onboard USB Port: NA
Cable Length: 1.8m
Graphical UI: Yes(GAMDIAS HERA)
Interface: USB
Number of Profile: 6
WASD & Arrow keys Change: Yes
Consecutive Attack Mode: Yes
Customizable Lighting Effects: NA

Gamdias Demeter E2 Optical Mouse Specs

Tracking Method: Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
Dimension: 120 x 75 x 40 mm
Weight: 105g
Resolution: 1200/1600/2400/3200 DPI (Default 1200)
Polling Rate: 125Hz
Built-in Memory: NA
Weight System: No
Switch Lifecycle: 1 Million
USB Cable Length: 1.5m
Graphical UI: NA
Mouse Feet: TPE
Price of Hermes E1 + E2 combo Mechanical Keyboard and Optical Mouse: PHP 4,790

Disclaimer: This Gamdias Hermes E1 and Demeter E2 Gaming Bundle was borrowed for review.

Unboxing / Accessories

The keyboard
The keyboard
The gaming mice
The gaming mice

You'll find the Hermes E1 + E2 combo Mechanical Keyboard and Optical Mouse inside. It'll also come with a FREE gaming grade mousepad.

Build Quality / Design

The bottom!
The bottom!
The numpad!
The numpad!
Keyboard wire!
Keyboard wire!
Beautiful bottom!
Beautiful bottom!
Customizable extra mouse buttons!
Customizable extra mouse buttons!
Aggressive design!
Aggressive design!
The lights changes from red and blue depending on the DPI setting!
The lights changes from red and blue depending on the DPI setting!
Mouse wire!
Mouse wire!

At first glance the keyboard and the mouse looks sturdy and enduring but a little rough around the edges. The matte texture could be a little more smooth while the font of the texts and logos could also use some refinement. Otherwise, the solid feel and aggressive design language screams gaming to anyone. 

Each key can be pulled and removed for cleaning or for when you want to do some gaming DIY and paint over the keys to have color coordination with your gaming set up.

Both the keyboard and the mouse have the same tangle resistant wires and reinforced USB port to cable junction that always breaks on cheaper keyboards. The wires themselves feel solid and even though I tied the wires in a loop, in the 2 weeks we've had the keyboard and mouse, they never got entangled. The reinforced junction is reassuring that it won't break easily as when this junction breaks on other peripherals it almost always results in buying a new copy. This helps alleviate that future stressor.

Downloadable customizing App, Hera!
Downloadable customizing App, Hera!

Each press of each keys has the satisfying clicky sound and the travel is long enough that gives you that reassuring feedback. In our two weeks with the keyboard, me and several other people have played over 90 hours of Mass Effect Andromeda, 24 hours of Overwatch, 12 hours of Rainbow Six: Siege and 12 hours of StarCraft 2, the keyboard and the mouse performed very well. We did not notice ghosting, lag, or delay. As soon as we pressed the button or moved the mouse it did so in real time. 

After long hours of play the wrist rest on the keyboard did come in handy and we found it was better to keep on.

Gamdias offers their own software application called Hera, to customise their keyboard and mouse settings and features. The E1 keyboard can be programmed to customize personal commands, macro commands, and the LED lighting. 

The LED lighting however is limited to 4 shades of red which is a bit of a bummer if your gaming set-up uses other colors. 

The mouse on the other hand cannot be customized which is also a bummer and is only limited to Red and Blue lighting depending on the DPI setting.


All in all for the price, the keyboard and mouse bundle is okay. Sure the design, texture and font could be refined to perfection but at this price. It offers decent functionality of almost no ghosting, no delay and customisable keys and commands that is standard and offers it at a decent price point but the competition is stiff. For the same price, you could get a bundle from Razer that is one or two generations old. So we recommend this bundle if you want the cheapest possible option.

Build: 3
Performance: 4
Price: 4
Total: 3.5/5
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