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Samsung Highlights Picture Quality Of Samsung QLED TV

Samsung, a leader in innovation and technology, aims to continue to enhance customers' viewing experience by highlighting the company's latest QLED TV.
Samsung Highlights Picture Quality Of Samsung QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV with Paul Soriano

The new Samsung QLED TV is a quantum dot-based LCD unit designed to provide as close to real life as possible picture quality for the best possible viewing experience for your entertainment. It's using the company's Quantum Dot innovation with Samsung's Precision Black and HDR technology. The result, it'll have minimized light reflection, reduced glare, and better luminance.

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The QLED TV also captures the director’s aesthetic with extreme depth and bold contrast with Samsung’s Precision Black technology. Its Ultra Black feature minimizes light reflection on the surface and reduces glare. Combined with HDR (High-Dynamic Range) technology, the range of luminance levels is increased letting viewers catch details that would most likely be drowned out in bright or dark scenes when using other TVs.

As a testament to its superb picture quality, Paul Soriano, the multi-awarded Filipino filmmaker even talked about why this devices is "The Next Innovation in TV.” 

“As a director, I’m very particular about the way the audience experiences my films, and picture quality is a huge component,” says Paul. “A good TV with good picture quality assures me that my viewers will be immersed in the story, allowing me to get my message across in the best way possible.”

The award winning 35-year old director was also meticulous and unapologetic when it comes to picture quality.

“I set visions for the films I direct and produce. I hope that when audiences watch my work, they see it the way I intended it to be - bright in color and rich in detail. The Samsung QLED TV does exactly that,” shares Paul.

Samsung also highlights that with the quality of QLED TV, the director can show his creations with great color accuracy, depth, and realness to the film. That's due to Samsung's exclusive Quantum Dot innovation succeeds where conventional TVs fail, maintaining the integrity of hues on screen during brightly-lit scenes.

With 100% color volume, Paul can show his creations as close to real life as possible, depicting on screen what the director’s eye takes in an actual setting, giving depth and realness to the film. The first of its kind to do so, the brand's exclusive Quantum Dot innovation succeeds where conventional TVs fail, maintaining the integrity of hues on screen during brightly-lit scenes.

“As a director, Paul is the ideal partner in spreading our message across when it comes to QLED TV’s picture quality,” says Chad Sotelo, Samsung Marketing Director. “Paul goes the extra mile in making sure that his audience gets a one-of-a-kind viewing experience, and with the QLED TV, it is our aim to do the same. We are honored to have him onboard this campaign.”

For more info and pricing, visit Samsung Facebook page or www.samsung.com/ph. now!
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