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NCCA, DOT Launches KulTOURa Mobile Travel Guide App With Smart

Smart Communications, InnoPub Media, NCCA, and DOT has just launched KulTOURa, a mobile app that acts as a travel guide designed for tourist and even students.
NCCA, DOT Launches KulTOURa Mobile Travel Guide App With Smart
Meet KulTOURa, your new Philippine travel guide

The KulTOURa mobile app has a goal of helping tourist enjoy their stay in the country by providing 
a better appreciation of Philippine culture and history.
It contains important details of your destination
It contains important details of your destination

In particular, the app features information on heritage sites, historic schools and churches, nature parks, popular attractions, famous landmarks and other must-see places in various parts of the country. It also has colorful details of the history of selected cities and provinces, including their famous personalities, delicacies and other interesting trivia.

The Kultoura app was developed to help tourists and students learn more about Philippine culture and heritage. It may also be useful to foreigners who are interested in the rich history and beautiful destinations in our country, said NCCA Chairman Virgilio Almario.

Moreover, the apps will be updated regularly with more relevant content to encourage travelers and even our own citizens appropriate and explore the country further. It will soon also offer other services chat bot, which can give automated travel advice; allow users to take virtual tours; and enable purchases via a digital marketplace.

We want to help travelers really enjoy and experience the Philippines by seeing for themselves the rich culture and heritage of our people,” said PLDT and Smart Public Affairs Group Head Ramon R. Isberto. “Innovations such as the Kultoura app are part of Smart’s efforts to enable foreign and local tourists to travel like never before.


It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Also, Smart will provide high-speed WiFi and quick response (QR) codes and NFC (near-field communications) chips on markers in selected areas to enable access to additional travel information via phone scan.

This is also in line with Smart's current deployment of high-speed and FREE WiFi on tourist hubs, transportation areas like airports, roads (EDSA), and even MRT train stations. Smart is also continuing to improve our current LTE connection across the nation.
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