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Cloudfone Distributed Senior Phones With S.O.S Button To Senior Patients

Safety first! Cloudfone has recently introduced the Lite Senior (Bar) and Lite Senior (Flip), two devices that's designed for the older users 60 and above.
Cloudfone Distributed Senior Phones With S.O.S Button To Senior Patients
A phone designed for emergencies

Those devices are equipped with a dedicated S.O.S button that's designed to to life emergencies and distress for our peace of minds.
Lite Senior (Bar)
Lite Senior (Bar)

Then recently, as a part of CSR Give-Back Project of Cloudfone, 20 senior patients from the Martinez Memorial Hospital in Caloocan City were recently treated to free Lite Senior phones.
Lite Senior (Flip)
Lite Senior (Flip)

At that event, CellPrime executives demonstrated how the S.O.S. Button works and how it can be useful in seeking help during medical emergencies and times of distress. 

In a non-life threatening situation, you can always text or call someone, explained CellPrime COO Jaime Alcantara. But if the situation is life threatening, you may not have the time or even the ability to turn on your phone, unlock the screen and look for a number to call. You’re not even sure if those you call can respond fast enough to help you. The S.O.S. Button in the Cloudfone Lite Senior can take care of all that and more.

Once the S.O.S button was pressed, the phone will automatically activate and alarm, sends emergency text messages and calls up to five (5) different emergency contacts with just one press.

Cloudfone explained that during emergencies, a user simply presses on the S.O.S. Button on the Lite Senior. This first sends out a customized "cry for help" SMS message to the five emergency contacts.

Once triggered, the phone will start making a loud alarm sound to signal that there’s an emergency.

Then the handset will start making emergency calls and send SMS continuously. It will switch one registered contact number to the next registered contact number just in case the first person failed to receive the call and the alert won't stop until a pre-selected contact answered the call.

The Cloudfone Lite Senior (Bar) and Cloudfone Lite Senior (Flip) are  now available for PHP 799 and PHP 1,299 respectively.
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