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Meizu Teases Mblu Zero, A True Bezel-Less Smartphone?

An alleged upcoming Meizu smartphone has just been teased on Weibo. Dubbed as the Meizu mblu Zero, it could be the world's first true bezel-less phone.
Meizu Teases Mblu Zero, A True Bezel-Less Smartphone?
Meizu mlbu Zero

While many manufacturers have launched "bezel-less" devices that has minimal top, bottom, and side bezels, no one has ever made a "true bezel-less" handset yet.

But, it looks like this is about it change. Meizu's alleged newest teaser 
mblu Zero on Weibo showed a stunning corners of the handset w/ no bezels at all! The Weibo post even mentioned that it is a true full screen phone.

Moreover, the post also stated that it "starts at 4,000" which suggests that it could have a starting price of CNY 4,000 or around PHP 30K.

Other than that, there are no other information available regarding the device. There are rumors stating that it could boot w/ the latest Snapdragon processor, Android O, and high quality cameras.

For selfies, it would be interesting to see Meizu's implementation if this handset really has no bezels at all.

Where will they put the selfie cam?

Anyway, interesting right?

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