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Baki: The Great Ratai Tournament Saga arrives on Netflix PH

Following the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga, Baki returns on Netflix for the season 3 of the action-packed fighting anime.
Baki: The Great Ratai Tournament Saga arrives on Netflix PH
New Baki Saga on Netflix!

Baki: The Great Ratai Tournament Saga on Netflix

Season 3 is dubbed as "The Great Ratai Tournament Saga" also known as the "Chinese Challenge Saga" in the manga featuring the challenge of the best Chinese martial artists against Baki Hanma, Yujiro Hanma, Biscuit Oliva, Mohammad Alai Jr., and the rest of the gang.

It adopts the classic setup of a martial arts tournament held in China every one hundred years. During the tournament, the Chinese team dubbed as the "Sea Kings" will try to defend the country's honor against foreign invaders.

One of the most awaited fights in the series is between the 146-year-old Supreme Grand Master of Chinese Kempo Kaioh Kaku and the World's Strongest Creature Yujiro Hanma.

The Great Ratai Tournament Saga is a 13 episode series with around 23 minutes running time.

Currently, the new Baki Saga is the top 2 show in Netflix PH.

To watch the episodes, access Netflix on your PC, Smart TV, or download the Netflix app on Android and iOS devices.

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