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Sony may bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC!

In the company's latest financial report, Sony says that it is exploring the possibility of expanding first-party PlayStation titles to the PC platform.
Sony may bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC!
Horizon Zero Dawn captured on PC

Expanding to PC to Grow Profitability

Released in early 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game by Guerrilla Games for the Sony PlayStation 4. A DLC expansion called The Frozen Wilds was then released in November of 2017. It became one of the most popular and well-reviewed games of 2017 and eventually became game of the year. 

In August 2020, Sony brought the Complete Edition (which includes the original game with the Frozen Wilds DLC) to the PC platform. This surprised a number of gaming enthusiasts.

A sequel called Horizon Forbidden West is now scheduled to arrive for the next-generation PlayStation 5 in 2021. 

In Sony's latest financial report, the company reveals that it is now their goal to continue expanding these exclusive to the PC platform in order to grow profitability and to combat increasing competition from other companies and platforms.

This is no surprise as companies like Google and Apple have been ramping up their gaming services as seen with Google Stadia and Apple Arcade.

Microsoft has promised the availability of its XBOX exclusive games to PC for years and it is good to see that Sony is following suit.

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