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Taguig village rallies versus DITO's plan to build towers

Residents of a village in Taguig have refused to allow third telco player DITO Telecommunity to build around 20 Fifth Generation (5G) cell sites in their area. 
Taguig village shows disapproval against DITO's towers

Taguig village shows disapproval against DITO's towers

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Officers Village Inc. (AFPOVAI) in Western Bicutan, Taguig expressed its disapproval on DITO's plan to deploy its network to the area. 

This was shown through an online petition signed by at least 135 residents, homeowners, and members of the said association. 

Residents argued that the towers would pose health risks as they emit electromagnetic radiation, saying they "will do more harm than good for our community." 

They also stressed issues on cybersecurity. 

We should take into account that around 40 residents are currently holding key positions in government, and the fact that our village is a community of ex-military officers. Further, AFPOVAI is in proximity to the Army, Navy, and Air Force headquarters, the petition stated. 

However, DITO has long allayed fears on possible security issues. On the issue of health, experts have been debunking issues surrounding cell sites, and even 5G technology. 

Dr. Gladys R. Cabrera, Health Physicist IV of the Department of Health, even said before that cell sites pose no threat to people's health, stressing they are "harmless". 

Texting while driving or walking will cause more harm than radiation from cell phone use or cell tower. So far, the science says, there is no evidence to say that cell phone use or a nearby cell tower causes cancer, Cabrera added. 

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