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Huawei explores AI pig farming, mining amid China-US tensions

China's Huawei Technologies Co. has started exploring other revenue streams as its smartphone business continues to face challenges amid US trade sanctions.
Huawei explores AI pig farming, mining amid China-US tensions
File photo: Inside a Huawei facility in Shenzhen, China

Huawei ventures into other revenue streams

The Chinese tech giant is venturing into the artificial intelligence pig farming project, Duan Aijun, president of Huawei’s machine vision business, said on Weibo. Pig farming is a huge industry in China.

The Huawei official did not provide details on the said project.

A report from BBC stated that Huawei is also working with the coal mining industry for its AI technology.

This started when former US President Donald Trump claimed that Huawei is a threat to information and communications technology and services as it can share customer data with the Chinese government.

In May 2019, its Department of Commerce included Huawei under its blacklist, hindering the firm to do business with American companies.

Huawei has then been barred from importing components for its 5G phones and is not limited to making 4G models.

Huawei was able to achieve its goal in surpassing Samsung as the world's largest smartphone maker in Q2 2020, But, for the last quarter of 2020, smartphone sales dropped 42 percent.

The issue here is not like there's any problems with our quality or experiences of the Huawei products. It's not a level playing field for Huawei as Huawei is caught in between the geopolitical tensions, a company spokesman told the BBC.

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