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GCash will charge you 2 percent fee for buying Smart load

In case you haven't noticed yet, GCash is now charging a 2 percent convenience fee if you buy a load from Smart network.
GCash will charge you 2 percent fee for buying Smart load
File photo: GCash app interface

GCash convenience fee for Smart users?

While there's no official statement from the E-wallet firm, reports suggest that the extra fees have begun since November 23 this year.

To confirm if this issue is true, we also tried loading with our Smart number using Gcash. We opted to choose a call and text promo worth PHP 30 and we saw an additional 1 PHP extra fee. 
Smart (left), DITO (right)
Smart (left), DITO (right)

While it may not be a huge amount for smaller loads but if you're buying worth a thousand that extra charge goes as much as PHP 20 and up.

We also tried it with another network we have such as DITO but it doesn't have an extra fee included.

So if you're using a Smart network and want to have cheaper payment options then you might just have it loaded using different e-wallet platforms.

It is still unclear why GCash started doing this but the action may put them in a bad light from their users. Is it because GCash is owned by Globe, the telco rival of PLDT/Smart?

What do you guys think? 
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