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Update: GCash releases statement about the 2 percent fees for Smart load!

We mentioned recently about GCash started charging convenience fees if you buy a load for your Smart number. Here's their official statement.

GCash answers back

The official statement of Gcash was sent to "Yugatech" where it said that Smart and Talk 'N Text implemented new costs and that the convenience fees were for GCash to recover costs when providing services for the subscribers of the said competitor.

In light of new costs imposed by Smart and Talk 'N Text, a minimal convenience fee will be applied by GCash to recover costs, when providing the Buy Load service to Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers. GCash will continue to provide safe, seamless, and convenient ways for users to access various financial services on our platform. Thank you very much!, GCash's official statement

It can also be seen on the GCash Help Center regarding the new transaction costs which said that certain products on your load purchases will be charged an extra fee:
GCash Help Center screen cap
GCash Help Center screen cap

Now that GCash has cleared the air for them. Smart's move may be in relation to promoting the use of their revamped Maya in buying load.

What do you guys think?

Sources: Yugatech, GCash

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