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GCash silently redesigns app, now has a cleaner look!

On iOS, we noticed that the GCash app has an updated new look. The company silently redesigned its app to make it nicer in the eyes overall.
New GCash

New look GCash!

The first thing that we noticed is it now has a "Hello!" greeting near the logo that is now on the left side. The company also made the icons and text bigger, making it easier to locate, read, and click. GCash also moved the "Inbox" icon to the bottom part of the UI.

And now, the "Pay QR" icon is now in the bottom center.

Not all iPhones have the update though. We have yet to see the update on Android as well.

Likely, GCash is gradually rolling out this update and it will probably reach all its customers soon.

To those who missed it, GCash is the current mobile e-wallet in the country.

In March 2022, the company breached the PHP 500 billion Gross Transaction Value. The company said that 83 percent of the adult population or about 60 million people, now have a GCash account as well.

What do you guys think? Do you like the new app design of GCash?

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