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Open World RPG Tower of Fantasy opens pre-registration

Pre-registration for the RPG Tower of Fantasy opens up and will be published under the wing of Tencent Games.
Open World RPG Tower of Fantasy opens pre-registration
Beautiful scenery in the game

Tower of Fantasy is coming soon! The Genshin Impact competitor?

Console quality Open World genre for smartphones became a hit ever since Genshin Impact's release. While role-playing games with good graphics have been a thing for PCs, Xbox, or Playstation, it was the first of its kind with 3D anime style and a vast world of exploration for mobile devices.

Many developers followed in their footsteps and started making their own versions. This time though, Mihoyo's flagship game got another competitor in the name of Tower of Fantasy.

The new RPG open-world game is a product of a collaboration between Hotta Studio, Level Infinite, and Tencent games.  It is also cross-platform between PC, Android, and iOS users.

You may view the full trailer below:

Tower of Fantasy is a game combination of sci-fi and anime-inspired art style with dystopian elements as the timeline is set hundreds of years into the future on a distant planet called Aida. Interested players can expect its full global launch in the Q3 of 2022.
With futuristic cities
With futuristic cities

Its key features are an in-depth character creation system that lets players customize their main character according to their liking.

Users can also expect a vast Open World, fight challenging bosses with their group of friends, or solo as there will be a party system on the world channel.
Party combat preview
Party combat preview

Players may also look forward to the game's unique story ahead and reveal multiple weapons and playstyles.

You may pre-register at the provided link HERE or you may simply head to Epic Games, Steam, Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

Pre-registration rewards list:

  • 500,000 players: Astra Frame x1, Black Nucleus X2, Wholegrain Bread X10, Gold x2888.
  • 1 million players: Limited Title x1, Black Nucleus X3, Fried Chicken X10, Weapon Battery III X4. 
  • 1.5 million players: Gold Nucleus X3, Avatar: Zeke x1, Sizzling Meat X10, Gold x3888.
  • 2 million players: Jetpack Paint: Orion x1, Gold Nucleus X3, Crispy Grilled Fish x10, Weapon battery III X4.
  • 2.5 million players: Outfit: Star Sand X1, Gold Nucleus X4, Nut Tea X10, Gold X6888

For now, we will still have to wait if the game is also coming to other platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

What do you guys think? Whos excited about the upcoming game?

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