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Zuckerberg Shows Another Video Of Pinay Helped By

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On a Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg, tells the story of  Marissa -- a young Filipina woman working long hours in a factory, where-in she uses to fulfill her dreams of opening a business of her own.
Zuckerberg Shows Another Video Of Pinay Helped By
MARISSA'S DREAM IS TO HAVE HER OWN DOLL STORE. Screenshot from Facebook video

This is a great story about Marissa -- a young woman working long hours in a factory, yet she uses to...

Last October 12, at 1:08PM (Manila Time), Zuckerberg first posted a story about Riza Mae Tachado, a young Filipina student who completed her group thesis about Automated Water Billing System on their district finally finished studying Computer Science by the help of

Yet another video was posted by Mark Zuckerberg showcased another story how Filipina factory worker fulfilling her dream of opening her own business selling dolls starting on a small capital.

"I find great sales using One day, I'll have my own doll store. If you see me in 10 years, you won't recognize me." Marissa hopes that her future is much different 10 years from now, with the help of by Facebook.

Last March, was launched here in the Philippines as the 7th Country to get the service with the help of  Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company’s mobile arm Smart Communications, which has 69 million subscribers. is a initiative by Facebook that brings together technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access. It offers a free internet service on selected communication, health, news and information sites, and lot more.
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