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Smart introduces new POWER ALL 50 promo with 5GB data for 3 days for SIM-registered subscribers

Smart recently introduced new attractive data promos as a treat to its subscribers who complied with the mandatory SIM registration law.
New Smart POWER ALL 50 promo
A new value-packed promo for Smart registered subscribers

New promos for Smart registered subscribers!

The promos include the new POWER ALL 50 with 5GB of data priced at just PHP 50 (pesos) for all sites apps and Unli All Net Texts valid for 3 days. This promo should be great for students doing research, heavy gamers who play for long hours, video streaming anywhere, and many more.
The promos are visible via the GigaLife App
The promos are visible via the GigaLife App

Moreover, Smart intros Triple Data Giga Video 99 and Triple Data Giga Stories 99, which come with 6 GB open access data and 1 GB every day valid for seven days as well as Triple Data Giga Video 299 and Triple Data Giga Stories 299, which come with 12 GB open access data and 1 GB every day valid for 30 days. 

To enjoy the promos, registered subscribers must log in to the GigaLife App and tap the "FREEBIES & Exclusive Here " tile and select "POWER ALL 50."

Smart hopes that this new promo will encourage more of its subscribers to register their SIM cards. The SIM cards of those who will fail to register after the new deadline will be deactivated.

What do you guys think?

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