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MyPhone My112 Announced, Priced At ! The Only Emergency Phone You Need!

In a world dominated by smartphones, I never thought that a basic phone like this will still be this relevant. MyPhone just released their first and might be the only SOS emergency phone in the country right now called MyPhone My112.
MyPhone My112 Announced, Priced At ! The Only Emergency Phone You Need!
MyPhone MY112

The MyPhone My112 is an emergency phone that has a dedicated SOS button. That SOS button ill trigger a siren sound whenever you are in danger. It also has a quite large 6,000 mAh battery that you can use as a powerbank to charge other devices in case there's no electricity.

Major features of My112

- Bright flashlight that can illuminate as far as 30-40 meters
- SOS button which can trigger a loud siren which also sends an emergency message like "I need help" to be sent by Red Cross, 911, PNP and close family members
- Emergency SMS also includes the phone owner, blood type, allergies, doctor's name.
- Special immortal SIM from Smart, TNT or Sun (meaning no expiry)
- 6,000 mAh battery and it can also doubles as a powerbank
- Can do one important call even without load
- FM Radio

It's also water and shock resistant and has a flashlight feature that you can use in the dark. Not only that, MyPhone also added a free USB lamp in it's package to make the deal sweeter and more relevant.

It's priced at just 1,399 Pesos and now available nationwide. You can also get this one via Sun Cellular shops in postpaid plans.

My thoughts?

This great product especially for the Philippine market as we are a calamity prone country where we experience a lot of typhoons and flooding every year.

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