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Cure The Battery Bug, With The Use Of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+ (Press Release)

Battery life, that's the main problem when choosing a powerful smartphone with low battery capacity. Yes you get good performance, the best display possible, the latest OS always and amazing camera function. But, you're battery life might suck because all of that.
The Cure For The Battery Bug, With The Use Of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+ (Press Release)
It's wireless charging time!

One solution is getting a phone with HUGE amount of battery capacity, however the grass isn't always green on that part. There are some phones that may have those features, but unfortunately, it will be at the cost of a chunkier phone that won't be that pleasing to your hand.
Efficiency assured!

But why settle for that solution? Fortunately, Samsung seems to have the answer to that problem. In a recent press release they sent to us here at GIZGUIDE.com, they boast that the flagship worthy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ can solve that problem.

Is that even possible?

The answer is a resounding yes! By the use of certain innovations, technology and hardware that can efficiently maximize your battery. Both units are packed with just 3,000 mAh of power which normally don't last a day. (Just ask some of the "flagship devices" we tried) What they claimed here is they come up with a way to efficiently utilize that 3,000 mAh of battery capacity even if they're using top notch specifications that normally consumes a lot of power to last with you even at a day's worth of extensive activities. That includes a lot of social media works, taking down notes, streaming movies, photography and even video captures.

Samsung also has their first of a kind software power saving technology that turns your screen into greyscale and minimize all background apps, while still letting you take & receive calls, SMS, access the internet, and select apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Aside from that Samsung also has a cool way of charging your device, both the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ comes with their own Ultra Fast Charging technology which is up to 2.5x faster than the fast charging tech of others. They also have a Samsung Fast Wireless charging pad where you can enjoy and empty to full battery in just 120 minutes. That's a solid upgrade over their previous model. With that, you're now free from hassle caused by cables.

The 32 GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 retails at 36,990 Pesos, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are priced at 39,990 Pesos for the 32 GB variant and 44,990 for the 64 GB version.

For more info and the complete specs of the following units: Click Here!
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