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Lenovo PC And PHAB Christmas Gift Guide 2015! Time To Be Productive Next Year!

Lenovo this 2015 have a great productive year. In that sense they want to share that "productivity in mind" products with everybody this Holiday season. They just released their annual Christmas gift guide to help you choose the best product for you, this time with a twist the awesome Lenovo PHAB Plus is included in the list.
Lenovo PC And PHAB Christmas Gift Guide 2015! Time To Be Productive Next Year!
Lenovo gift guide 2015!

The Lenovo PHAB PLUS and YOGA 900 combo - On the go Hybrid Powerhouses!

That's right! Both portable devices can definitely cope up with your daily heavy task. The Lenovo PHAB Plus features a huge 6.8 FHD screen, has the efficient Snapdragon 615 octa core chip at 64 bit and 2 GB of RAM for multitasking. It also has the much talked about Dolby ATMOS technology to let you experience that cinema level soundstage and 3,500 mAh of battery that can last up to 24 hours on a single charge depending on how you use it. The best part of this is the Suzy endorsed PHAB Plus is just priced at 14,999 Pesos! To read our review: Click Here!

The Yoga 900 on the other hand is the thinnest convertible laptop in the world with Intel Core i processor. It goes with multiple modes perfect for your desired usage and portability. (tent, tablet, stand and laptop mode) Hey some may think that your flex might be damaged overtime with that setup, but no, Lenovo packed this one with a revolutionary watchband hinge for smooth and sturdy transition between the modes.

It's convertible features a 13 inch QHD screen, JBL speakers, Dolby ATMOS Tech, Windows 10 Home 64 Bit, improved cooling system, SSD storage and in plane switching. Get all of those amazing features for just 78,995 Pesos.

ideapad 100 and ideapad 500 - not your ordinary laptops

Lenovo this year introduced two new laptops, the budget ideapad 100 and the ideapad 500 with the latest 6th gen Intel processor and can run up to 4 hours of straight usage. It measure at just 20.2 mm for a 14 inch laptop that makes it sleek and thin for an entry level portable laptop. This ideapad 100 also comes with a classic ebony black finish. It's priced at just 18,995 Pesos

The ideapad 500 comes with the latest Intel 6th gen Core i-serices CPU to ensure that you can do even most of the serious task at hand, JBL speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio certification and Intel RealSense 3D camera for your next generation video chat. This laptop also goes with a dedicated GPU for your heavy graphic requirement. It's priced at 49,995 Pesos

YOGA Tab 3 Pro: For your Mobile Entertainment 24/7

This beastly tablet isn't an ordinary one. It's a highly innovative tablet that's built for an amazing multimedia experience. It goes with the next gen Intel Atom X5-XZ8500 processor clocked at 1.44 to 2.24 GHz, 2 GB RAM and Android 5.1 Lollipop on board.

What makes this tablet interesting is it goes with a newly designed built in 70 inch projector that gives you a theater system almost anywhere you go. The Yoga Tab 3 Pro also comes with 4 front facing JBL speakers and Dolby ATMOS audio system for your near best in class audio experience. It's also pre-loaded with Netflix app for your on demand content and personalized video recommendation. It's priced at just 29,999 Pesos which is now available nationwide in all Lenovo stores and resellers.

With all these choices from Lenovo you can now choose the best set for your loved ones. Great gifts with productivity in mind.
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