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LG Wins Design Awards For Dual Door In Door Refrigerator! (Press Release)

Recently, LG wins big again! This time LG has been awarded the prestigious Compasso d’Oro International Award for the revolutionary refrigerator design of the company’s Dual Door-in-Door refrigerators. They also took home the top prize in the Design Food Preparation and Instruments category.
LG Wins Design Awara For Dual Door In Door Refigerator! (Press Release)
LG Dual Door-in-Door fridge

That's another testament on how dedicated is LG to their craft and commitment to design with a purpose. The 2015 competition was the first time the award was open to competitors from outside Italy, making LG one of the first foreign winner of Compasso d’Oro International. Entries were evaluated on three criteria: Innovation, Communicative Quality and Sustainability. 

How this Fridge works?

LG’s Door-in-Door concept has revolutionized refrigerator design, giving users quick access to frequently sought food items while simultaneously cold air loss. LG took the initial Door-in-Door concept one step further by adding another Door-in-Door compartment to double the convenience. Door-in-Door technology reduces the amount of cold air loss by up to 47 percent and with the addition of a second independent Door-in-Door compartment, cold air loss is further reduced.

But the design innovation isn’t just on the outside. Various compartments in the Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator make organization very easy. The Family Space compartment can be accessed from the outside at the push of a button and is perfect for frequently accessed items such as snacks and drinks. The Cooking Space on the left can be opened with an Easy-Open Handle that is hidden by the bottom of the door trim and holds essential cooking ingredients such as chopped vegetables, condiments and sauces.

“We are pleased to be recognized as one of the first international companies to receive the prestigious 2015 Compasso d’Oro award,” Vice President for LG Philippines Home Appliances Youngmin Chae said. “Design plays a vital role in LG’s overall product development as it brings beauty and functionality to our consumers’ lifestyles. This award is a testament to LG’s intent and design leadership in the home appliance industry.”

This Fridge also goes with Black Stainless finishing that provides a stylish overall design that's resistant to fingerprint and smudges as well.

To lean more about this award winning Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator from LG, visit lg.com/ph; like LG Philippines’ Facebook page; or follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.
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