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Pilipinas Shell V-Power Ends The Year With Excitement Against Gunk And Corrosion!

In a year, any ordinary day can be turn out to be that memorable one filled with pleasant surprises. Unknown to some, the pleasant surprises we are talking about can be claimed by going out and exploring the beauty of the road. What do you need to do to achieve that feat? A good car with a reliable premium performance fuel, the Shell V-Power Nitro+, which Shell makes the motorist claim the exciting drives they deserve.
Pilipinas Shell V-Power Ends The Year With Excitement Against Gunk And Corrosion!
The mystery truck

“As we celebrate the coming yuletide season and mark the wonderful memories of this year, we Filipinos also deserve to revel in the simple joys and exceptional adventures on the road,” said Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail, Anthony Lawrence Yam. “More than getting to destinations, we share the passion of Filipino motorists in giving their vehicles utmost care in fueling their exciting drives.”

Performance that excites

Gunk and corrosion? two of the common performance robbing threats was almost eliminated with the Shell V-Power Nitro+. Thus, it helps Filipinos have a worry free and exciting drives of life. Shell did it with their commitment to innovation and technology as they developed an immersive 360-degree visual experience using the Gear VR tech. This educational integrated tool this experience share to motorists about the two performance-robbing threats that can occur inside an engine. With that audience on a journey knows inside the engine and learn about the performance benefits of using Shell V-Power Nitro+.
Pilipinas Shell V-Power Ends The Year With Excitement Against Gunk And Corrosion!
Yes that's us and we act like champs!
On the right is Adobotech, middle Swirlingovercoffee and me on the left

To demonstrate that we participated in the extra exciting and a little challenging Choose Excitement Challenge! Where we were able to experience an adrenaline filled activity full of surprises. First we were clueless on what we to do, but slowly and surely we used our intelligence and unrivaled-teamwork to solve the puzzles inside the specially designed truck. Unfortunately, time isn't on our side and failed to complete the task.

On the road

Users of the V-Power Nitro+ are expected to feel the same victory against gunk and corrosion. Shell's premium performance is designed to prevent that and lead a win against Gunk or engine deposit is a battle that motorists face every day. This also serves as a warning that the use of lower class fuels can rob engines the power to drive smoothly.

The V-Power Nitro+ Diesel comes with powerful formulating cleaning agents that helps you remove deposits or gunk that's designed to protect engine's fuel with anti-corrosion component that forms a protective film on metal surfaces. As a result, it helps you avoid the hassles in your regular car maintenance as well.

“We want our customers to make every mile a moment before the year comes to a close by claiming their extraordinary road adventure they deserve. With Shell’s best ever premium performance diesel, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel, we want our customers to win against the threats that can hamper their engine’s performance,” said Yam.

So whether Filipino drivers fill up their cars with Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, Ferrari’s choice for improved performance, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel, Shell’s best ever premium performance diesel, or Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing, Shell’s top performance gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+ encourages Filipino motorists to bring their exciting drives to life.  

For more information on Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel, just pay a visit to www.shell.com.ph/makeyourdrivecomealive
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