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Euroo Virtuoso Review - A Mid Audiophile Grade Headphone For Less!

Euroo is one of the good proudly Hongkong bsaed makers of mobile and computer peripherals that started way back in 2009. Moving forward last 2015, they were able to expand their portfolio in an incredible rapid rate as they now offer the Flip Side Street DJ headphones and the portable executive looking  "mid audiophile" grade headphone called Virtuoso.
Meet Euro Virtuoso

That "mid audiophile" grade claim caught my interest as usually, products of that level is priced in the 5,000 to 10,000 Pesos price category. Yet, the Euroo Virtuoso has a surprisingly low SRP of just 2,650 Pesos. If what that company states is correct, then we might have a steal here. Let's all find out!

Euroo Virtuoso Specs

Type: On ear
Drivers: 40 mm
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Others: Detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote, dual 3.5mm female jacks
Price: 2,699 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

Accessories found inside Euroo Virtuoso
Inclusions inside the box

The inclusions in this package is normally what you'll get from a low cost headphone aside from one thing. Euroo managed to put a velvet like carrying cloth that serves as protection from dirt, dust and scratches to your unit.

Build Quality / Design

Euroo Virtuoso headphone slider
Slider of the headphone showing the left marking

Euroo Virtuoso, being one of the smallest headphone with 40 mm drivers inside was able was able to impress me with this can even from first look. The headphone made out of combination of predominantly metal body / frame with a little touch of chrome painted plastic on the left and right markings. The leather pads on both ear-cups were made out decent quality leather that's rare to find from headphones this affordable.

Aside from that Euroo did not cut anything from the overall quality of the headphone as they also managed to add the same type of leather on the headband pads of this can. The cables is made out of flat thin rubber with a plastic bodied microphone with controls. The good thing there is the 3.5 mm jack has gold plating to ensure high quality connection for better sound result.
Euroo Virtuoso cushions on top
The soft leather pads on top
Euroo Virtuoso Microphone with answer button
Plastic play and pause button with mic
Euroo Virtuoso gold plated 3.5 mm jack
Gold plated 3.5 mm male jack

Going to the design, the Euroo Virtuoso is a minimalist guy dream affordable headphones. It looks good on all angles from the body, can and pads. The things that I didn't like is the slight paint chipping on the slider part if you tend to adjust the size of the headphone regularly and the chrome painted marking is a bit off on the design.

The cables could also be better if they placed a higher quality one instead of the flat cables that usually break easily. The good thing here is it is user replaceable and you can just buy after market cables for upgrade purposes.

As a whole at this price tag, I was generally impressed by the way Euroo was able to came up with some that's aesthetically pleasing and durable as well.

Comfort / Isolation

Euroo Virtuoso soft pads
A closer look at the pads

At this price point, the Euroo Virtuoso is one of the most comfortable cans I ever tried yet. The pads is made out good quality leather instead of the usual faux leather that tends to get hard on the ears at times. As I said earlier, Euroo was also able to incorporate the same leather padding on the headband part that adds more comfort on your head and prevents hair pulling. The headphone clamp isn't too strong as well.

However, it won't fit some person with big head as even at my normal sized head I'm already using the max size of the slider. I would like this one better if they used a wing type design instead to fit more head sizes better. It also tends to get hot and sweaty on warm humid non-air-conditioned places.

This headphone also isolates beyond my expectation. Even at just 50% volume on my favorite computer I can't hardly hear the person talking beside me. That's surprising for the size of this can.

Sound Quality

Touted as a mid-audiophile grade headphone, the Euroo Virtuoso was quite a disappointment on first try as the mids were muddy all over. However, you should not judge this can only first try. Even if you think that burn - in is just a myth, this headphone tends to sound better overtime. That's why I tried to burn it up to the 100 hour mark before judging the sound. Here it goes.

The Virtuoso has a warmer type of sound signature that's smooth sailing as well. The lows were tight and fast that extends quite well with good attention to detail and tightness. At first there are some signs of bloatness, but as you use it further you feel the crawl of sub bass giving you chills. The mids on the other hand is probably the strong point of this can, it's great on both the male and female voices (even background voices), its clear and has good balance as well. The highs has crystal clear treble at most tracks except that it tends to get peaky, slightly recessed and piercing on some highs happy tracks.

Soundstage-wise the presentation of this can is near 3D like with hall grade listening with some sound coming on the top and the side of your ear. The only place where I can't hear the sound is coming from is at the back of my head which is hard to achieve while maintaining cleanliness in the overall spectrum of the sound. The sound separation of this headphone is good enough most of the time to locate the position of the instruments and sound layering.

Note 1: Smartphones with low volume out may not be able to unleash the true potential of this headphone. (might require amping) Sounds great with FiiO X5, Asus T100 and Huawei G8.
Note 2: The mic sounds decent, but grains are hearable

Pros - Clear mids, big soundstage for a small can, fairly detailed, low price for the sound, great build quality, good comfort, above average isolation
Cons - pads tend to get hot on non-air-conditioned places, might be source picky, doesn't fit individuals with big head


Euroo was able to caught me off guard with what this Virtuoso headphone can deliver. It's good enough to rival popular headphones 2x of its asking price not only on sound but also in terms of build and design. It's the headphone to get if you want something that sounds great on a small portable package.

I heard better ones than this Virtuoso under 5K, but most of them isn't as small and portable as this one. Even if its just on the tip of the exclusive mid-audiophile range, the effort by Euroo is very evident here to achieve this level of sound for 2,699 Pesos only.

GIZ Rating: 4.25 / 5 Stars
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