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Starmobile Partners With Bilang Pilipino 2016 For Your Nationwide Election Coverage! (Press Release)

Recently, we just got an info from Starmobile that they have partnered with Bilang Pilipino 2016, TV5's data-driven, multi-platform coverage for this coming election that's also in partnership with PLDT, SWS, Smart Communications and Voyager Innovations.
Starmobile Bilang Pilipino 2016
Starmobile Bilang Pilipino 2016

As one of the official partners, the role of Starmobile with the Bilang Pilipino 2016 campaign is to provide the Play Spark Android smartphone to power SWS’ real-time data-gathering efforts nationwide.

Aside from that, Starmobile also provided the news team of TV 5 with Digital TV powered handsets such as the Knight Vision, Up VIsion and Up Max. With that the news team of TV5 can now enjoy built in DTV capabilities such as recording to help them monitor and respond better to what's happening around. It also also strengthens their news coverage in any platform. Either digital, mobile or social.

“Our role in Bilang Pilipino 2016 goes beyond just providing handsets,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen. “We want to show Filipinos how our innovations can be used to make positive contributions to Philippine society,” he added.
“The partnership between Bilang Pilipino and Starmobile underscores our goal in providing our voters a platform that offers maximized information access and voter engagement.  This is important as we continue to be the media partner of choice of the multi-screen voter”, said Bilang Pilipino Project Lead Roby Alampay.  
“Since 2011 Starmobile has enabled Filipinos to reach for their own stars,” said Chen. “This time around, we are more than willing to help the country reach for a brighter future,” he ended. 

Note: Since early January, SWS has began deploying the smartphones to respondents nationwide. The survey takers receive a daily SMS containing a link to a web-based platform created by Voyager Innovations. Smart provides users with free access to the link and the updated results are then broadcast on TV5.

With that we can expect a much improved coverage of this coming 2016 election and see our hopefully change for the better. 

The findings are also made available to the public through www.bilangpilipino.com.
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