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Oppo Launches Super VOOC Announced! Can Full Charge A 2500 mAh Battery In 15 Mins!

Now this is something important! Oppo, one of the world's most prominent mobile company just announced the follow-up to their highly acclaimed VOOC quick charging technology. 
Oppo Launches Super VOOC
Oppo Launches Super VOOC

The fastest charging tech in the world!

This time, a tech they're calling as the Super VOOC quick charging tech, Oppo claimed that it can charge a 2,500 mAh phone in just 15 mins! That's something crazy fast as even other quick charge tech from Qualcomm and the rest needs at least 50-1.5 hours to fully charge different devices.

As per Phonearena, they stated that Oppo explained that they applied an unexpected low voltage charging here at just 5 volts to ensure safety in the long run which also elimates the need of a voltage converter. Aside from that Oppo also allows quick charging even when you're using your phone.

How it works?

The system uses a new algorithm that dynamically regulates current to ensure fast charging time while dynamically regulating the current to ensure safety. Oppo also added a new Flash charge adapter, cable and connectors that's military grade as well to make then really durable.  That ensures fastest charging time possible for the moment.

Note: It's a proprietary tech that will only remain to Oppo unless they give licenses to other companies. For me why not?

A breakthrough in technology

No doubt, this is a game changer from Oppo and it's truly nice to see companies that has that vision of giving the best mobile experience possible. That new Super VOOC tech will simply save us more time and let us enjoy our device longer.

Now all we need to do is wait for their next releases and find out on what device they'll use this impressive tech. The rumored Find 9 flagship maybe?

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