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Shell FuelSave Introduced Do More Campaign! Avoid Missing Out In Life! (Press Release)

In a new study, Pilipinas Shell revealed that Filipino motorist feels anxious regarding mission out in life. As a result, they created the “Do More” campaign that encourages drivers to reach more with its FuelSave technology that’s designed to last longer than standard gasoline and diesel of the same bio-content.
Fueled to Do More challenge
Participants of the Shell FuelSave Fueled to Do More challenge were grouped into 10 different teams, all racing to complete a series of tasks related to fuel efficiency

Actually, the study revealed that on 1000 Filipino drivers that they have emotional impact of their busy lives and the importance of fuel efficiency is a must have to let them enjoy things that they should enjoy.

"Many Filipinos feel that they have less time to do the things they enjoy, which causes them to end up missing out on a lot of important life moments such as spending time with their families, having dinner with friends, or even watching their favorite television shows," said Pilipinas Shell vice president for retail Anthony Lawrence Yam.
“We, at Shell, want to educate drivers on how they can make their fuel last longer,” said Yam. “We’ve shared countless tips on how to be more fuel efficient, but Filipinos always think of ingenious ways on their own."

That being said, nearly two-thirds of Filipinos surveyed agree that changing the way they drive could give them more time to do enjoyable things in life and almost all say that their lives would be positively impacted if they could make their fuel last longer with the right fuel saving habits and had to fill up less.

With Shell’s FuelSave and Do More campaign, motorist doesn’t have to worry too much in feeling anxious about saving fuel. They can now drive near stress free with high quality fuel to let them be in the location they wanted.
Challengers are completing the puzzle
Challengers are completing the puzzle

Note: 98 percent of the respondents believe that engineering and science students play an important role in helping save fuel and finding solutions to the world's energy problems. This is why Shell conducts the yearly Shell Eco-marathon, one of the world's most innovative and challenging student engineering competitions, that aims to bring together the scientific and engineering leaders of tomorrow from all over the world, along with people who are passionate about the energy challenge, and asks them to design build and drive the most energy efficient cars.
Shell Eco Marathon 2016
Students from different Philippine schools are all set to compete at the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2016 on March 3 to 6 at the Rizal Park in Manila

By the way, let's also support all the Philippine schools that will compete at the Shell Eco Marathon that will be held at the Rizal Park in Manila this coming March 3 to 6 2016!

To learn more about making the most of your fuel: Click Here!
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