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Xend Founder, Bjorn Pardo Is The Latest Globe Platinum Ambassador!

Bjorn Pardo is the founder and CEO of Xend, a company that revolutionized eCommerce logistics in the country. With his entrepreneurial spirit and love for the family and travel made him one of the perfect example on what a Globe Platinum should be. A man who can inspire everyone to create, innovate and connect.
(L-R) Globe Telecom Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan, Globe Platinum Brand Head Kaisie del Carmen. Globe Platinum’s newest brand ambassador and Xend founder and CEO Bjorn Pardo, Globe Platinum Consumer Experience Director Jenn Gutierrez-Mallabo
Started as an ordinary online seller thru eBay and experiencing how difficult logistics is himself. He had an inspiration to create a system that would ease logistics and lessen the cost at the same time. That's where Xend was built after company that's built thru numerous hours of hard-work, dedication and determination.

“I was spending so much time waiting in line to ship the items I sold. And every seller had the same problem. That got me thinking – there should be some way to make this easier and more efficient considering how the online selling business is rapidly growing,” Bjorn Pardo explains.

Naturally, he'll need a partner to let him stay connected all the time as that's a major requirement in his type of work and nature of his business. That's where Globe Platinum became his key partner.

“And I’ve found Globe Platinum to be a key partner in enabling me to do that. It’s perfect, it makes sense. I can’t live without my phone. The Platinum Lifestyle Plan that I have covers everything I need.”

To find our more about his success story and love for his family: Click Here!

The power of Globe Platinum Lifestyle Plans

Globe Platinum has design, the Lifestyle Plans that's the most powerful of its kind today. It enables customers to stay well-connected all the time to what matters to them. From work, loved ones, passion and anything that they wanted to do with that connectivity.

For Bjorn, the most significant are its roaming capabilities.

“I need to be in touch and accessible to my team no matter where I am, so it's of utmost importance. I keep in touch with my team through email and chat, and having consumable roaming and rich mobile data allocation puts my mind at ease.”

It's a huge plus to have access to an international concierge, airport lounges globally, hotel discounts and even personal shopper abroad 24/7. That's one of the things that Globe Platinum plans can let you discover and conquer.

“Something that I have not had access to in the past was a worldwide concierge. This is particularly helpful when arranging transportation in other countries.”

Globe Platinum's latest brand Ambassador

Globe Platinum is excited to have Bjorn join the family as one of its newest faces to represent the brand.

Marketing Brand Director Kaisie Del Carmen says, “It’s our commitment to ensure that Bjorn, alongside our other customers, get to live their modern lifestyles in today’s digital setting. 
From our best-in-class Platinum Lifestyle Plans with the richest mobile allocation to the best content partners, and even the enhanced perks, privileges, and service, you are assured that you receive the signature customer experience we’re known for. Bjorn’s success in the online business extends to every part of his lifestyle, so we make sure he’s always inspired and connected to everything and everyone he loves, so that he can continue achieving his success.” 
With the success he’s managed to gain, it isn’t surprising that Bjorn has become both a role model and an inspiration for the current generation. He’s managed to revolutionize an industry, and help countless others to better their businesses. “That’s probably the most fulfilling part, the fact that I was not only able to put up my own company but also help others achieve success in theirs.” 

Living in such fast-paced, exciting times where inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere, push us to create, innovate, and succeed. In true fashion that speaks of its signature premium customer service and best-in-class offers, Globe Platinum is taking on the role of enabling customers to constantly connect with what inspires them, and share this with peers and communities, initiating a culture of inspiration that leads to the path of success.

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