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CD-R King Outs 3D VR Glasses! The Cheapest Around At 880 Pesos?

CD-R King is very well known for releasing dirt cheap products and it appears that they're planning to do that in the VR game as well. Recently, the local giant in accessories just announced that they now have their own 3D VR glasses.
CD-R King Outs 3D VR Glasses!
CD-R King 3D VR Glasses!

CD-R King's budget 3D VR comes in a stylish seemingly plastic clad body where-in you can put your phone for your 3D experience. It also has straps located at the back that you can put on your head.

You can use this to watch 3D movies, play VR games and 360 degrees panoramic view. Normally, 3D VR glasses are priced around 2 - 7K range, but what CDR-King did here is to lower the price all the way down to 880 Pesos!

At that price point, this might be unmatched for now and could be worth a look, try and use.

What do you think guys?

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