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Quick Wired Vest Anti-Radiation Headset Review!

I was one of the people who were surprised to learn that earphones or headsets emit radiation. WHAT!? Yes. My reactions exactly. Digits Trading released a line of Anti-Radiation headsets from VEST recently. We were lucky enough to obtain one for review. 
These are our thoughts.

Vest Anti-Radiation headset

Vest Anti-Radiation Headsets uses a hollow air tube that reduces radiation by up to 98%. This is FCC certified Laboratories tested and proven. With all these jargon thrown at us, what we really made us curious was whether the Anti-Radiation design would affect Audio Quality.

Wired Vest Anti-Radiation Headset Specs

Features: Reduces radiation by up to 98%
Colors: Black, white, blue, green, pink, red
Price: 1,850 Pesos

Unboxing / Accessories

Here's what inside

The packaging is made of what appears to be recycled paper. Inside are the headset itself and a discount voucher. You'll get a rare tri-flange eartips and 2 medium and small regular eartips. I guess minimalism is their focus for this line.

Build Quality / Design

Matte flat cables a and gold plated 3.5 mm jack
Matte flat cables a and gold plated 3.5 mm jack

The 3.5mm jack looks and feels good. Its solid and premium looking. The wire from the 3.5mm towards the Y shape where the left and right ear pieces split is made of flat matte rubber material making it less likely to snap the wires inside. The wires from the where the left and right ear pieces split towards each ear pieces themselves is made of plastic hollow air tube that they are marketing as the reason for reduced radiation emission. The hollow tube is made of rubber and feels like a piece of straw.
Here's the y-splitter
Here's the y-splitter

The ear pieces themselves are made of the hollow tube but with a magnet on both pieces so they can stick together when not in use. 

Comfort / Isolation

The comfort levels of the ear pieces are okay but I feel that they would fall off at any time. There little isolation so it could be good for people who still need to hear ambient sounds for when like commuting where traffic sounds is critical. I would like it to have better isolation for having that tri-flange tips though.


Tri-flange tips visible here!
Tri-flange tips visible here!

The hollow air tube that reduces radiation emission results in sound that is muddy. We listened to several FLAC music files and compared them to the LG Tone we reviewed earlier and we found that no matter what genre, each melody or lyric that the Vest pushes is muddy. 

We really wanted this earphones to have great audio quality because seldom do you find a product that focuses on the users health and on the audio quality. That technology in reducing radiation is promising, but I hope that can improve the sound quality in their next releases.

Pros - Radiation emission reduction, matte flat wires
Cons - Audio quality is generally muddy, aesthetics could be better


If you want to reduce your chances of radiation induced cancer and don't mind the less than audiophile audio quality then this product could be for you!

GIZ Rating: 2.5/5 Stars
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