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Just In! Alcatel Flash To Launch A New Metal Clad Photography Phone?

After the widely acclaimed success of the Flash 2, Alcatel appears to be shaping up already for its upcoming next generation. Recently, they sent us teasers of their on-going photography campaign entitled "Life with metal" which could give some clues on what to expect with the next Flash.
Alcatel Flash To Launch A New Metal Clad Photography Phone
A metal clad flash phone?

A metal clad photography phone?

Having said that, we can expect that this soon to be revealed handset will be a photography and visual centric smartphone that's made out of metal.
Sample photo alcatel flash metal
A sample photo from their photography campaign to kick-start the hype on this phone

However, the rest of the details remain unclear as of this moment. What we know is the Flash series will boast “exceptional camera, fashionable appearance, and strong performance”, and they are becoming more and more popular in market. Let's also expect this to have the latest innovations on a smartphone as well.

The next bang per buck budget phone?

If that's really the case, then this handset will be the 4th Flash model from Alcatel. The Flash in 2014, Flash Plus in May 2015 and Flash 2 last September of 2015. Given the good reputation of the Flash series in terms of pricing, we can expect this one to be one of the next bang per buck and game changing budget device that can be exclusively bought online this 2016.

What will be the name? Flash Metal perhaps?

Are you guys excited?
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