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Huawei VR Looks Insane, Comes With 360 Degree Sound Field

Virtual Reality is the future and it's only a matter of time before everyone enters this next gen technology. Apparently, one of the big boys in the mobile tech scene already did. In an event held at Shanghai China, Huawei unveiled their very own VR unsurprisingly called the "Huawei VR" with interesting innovations to stay ahead of the competition.
Huawei VR w/ 360 degree sound field
Huawei VR w/ 360 degree sound field

What's special with this?

The Huawei VR boast a "first" in for VR headsets with its 360 degree sound field trick. It will give you that surround sound like experience as long as you got a decent pair of preferably HiFi sounding earphones. You'll be able to hear the sound coming from all sides that should definitely sync well with its 95 degree field of view.

It also has an adjustable lens mechanism that compensates different human eyes whether you're nearsighted or not.

Lastly, Huawei offers 4000 FREE movies, over 40 games, 350 panoramic images and over 150 virtual tours in its package.

That should be great in watching movies, playing VR games and etc.

However, the Chinese giant failed to give its pricing and announce date. So for now, we just have to wait and see what happens next.

We'll keep you guys up to date.

Source: Engadget
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