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LG Officially Launches The G5 And Friends In The Philippines

South Korean tech giant LG has been bullish in bringing innovation to the mobile industry, right exactly when you thought the spectrum is already peaking. However, the company begs to differ when it showcased the capabilities of its latest flagship. Complete with modularity features and a powerhouse hardware sheet, the LG G5 sets to take over the world by storm, with the country now at its fingertips.
LG G5 Philippine launch
LG G5 with VR

LG G5 Specs

Display: 5.3 Inch QHD Quantum IPS 1250 x 1440 at 554 ppi
CPU: Snapdragon 820 quad core processor
GPU: Adreno 530
ROM: 32 GB UFS expandable via micro SD card slot up to 2 TB
Back Camera: 16 MP w/ secondary 8 MP super wide angle 135 degrees and LED flash
Selfie Camera: 8 MP
Battery: 2,800 mAh w/ super low consumption tech
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Connectivity: WiFi,  3G, HSPA+, LTE Cat 12, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC
Others: USB Type C, Camera and HiFi modules, Colors: silver, titan, gold, pink
Dimensions: 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7 mm
Weight: 159 g
Price: 34,990 Pesos
LG G5 ambassadors
LG G5 ambassadors

The LG G5 is a full-metal flagship through and through. It's equipped with unique features to set itself apart from the competition, and it's even highlighted more all thanks to its modularity features that allow its users to connect “Friends” to the handset. Need to snap up photos like you would with a capable point-and-shoot? Want to use it as a Hi-Fi player to listen to your jams? Or do you prefer going couch patata all over and watch movies that deliver a surreal yet lifelike experience? Well, it's all there.

LG Friends

The friends of LG G5
The friends of LG G5

These are the main highlights of the LG G5, and it looks to bring in a new trend in the mobile industry. The LG Friends are companion devices that deliver a far exceptional mobile experience that goes beyond the simple smartphone applications.

LG Cam Plus - LG goes to make things simple and unified as the LG Cam Plus converts the G5 into a point-and-shoot. It's an add-on that provides physical buttons for power, shutter, record and zoom, and you can do it one-handed.

LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play - For audiophiles and enthusiasts, smartphones still need a boost in sound quality through amplifiers. LG wants to take the load off as with its add-on that delivers 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC sampling technology as well as support for 32-bit 384KHz high-defo audio playback.

LG 360 VR - With Virtual Reality kicking off, LG plans to join the fold as its new VR headset simulates a 130-inch TV for sweet, savvy entertainment. And hey, it's not like bulky VR headsets that are unwieldy, not to mention heavy to boot.

LG 360 Cam - As its name suggests, the LG 360 Cam captures photos in 360-degrees to amp up your Facebook and Instagram feeds. It can even stand on its own all thanks to its internal batteries and memory. 2K video and 5.1 surround sound channel? Count us in!

LG Rolling Bot - Go BB8 all over again and play around with your kids and pets with LG's Rolling Bot. It's a robotic ball that can capture images and videos, and you can move it at will for more fun.

LG Tone Platinum - If you're one to hate wires and you like to cut them as much as possible, LG's Bluetooth headset may be your thing. It comes with Harman Kardon Platinum grade performance, making it capable of delivering sharp and clean sound even without the wires all thanks to its aptX Hdcodec.

H3 by B&O PLAY - To put it simply, this set of high-end earphones want to amp up your listening experience. It can even work with other Android devices if you wish, but where's the fun in that, right?

Performance Meets Efficiency

But even without its Friends, the LG G5 is still a beast. Snapdragon 820 is the king in the high-end segment, all thanks to its sweet spot of performance and efficiency. What's more, its 5.3-inch quad HD IPS Quantum Display is a sight to behold. Images are just as sharp as ever, and viewing angles are topnotch. It even features an Always-on Display to keep you up to speed with the time and date at a glance.
LG G5 camera
LG G5 camera

The G5 also features a dual camera setup - an interesting take in the mobile photography field that lets you take wider angle shots that will leave the standard setup in the dust. We're talking about 135-degree shots, all at your fingertips. It's just a sight to behold.
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Camera Samples 

Normal mode
Normal mode
Wide angle mode
Wide angle mode
Wide angle and macro
Wide angle and macro

As with any flagship handset in its time, the G5 comes with a steep price. At the time of writing, it carries a 34,990 Pesos price tag. LG says that it's also bundling the Cam Plus plus a Quick Cover when you pre-order, so take it while it's hot.

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