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IdeaSpace Announces 10 New Start-ups This 2016!

Creating something from scratch can be a daunting task that would require a huge amount of resources from time, manpower and money. Earlier this year IdeaSpace, the leading start-up technology incubator, and accelerator announced their Start up competition (LINK HERE) and after a months of challenges the following 10 startups will join IdeaSpace's equity free funding, mentorship and support.
Idea Space announces the 10 new start-ups for 2016!
Tralulu, Tarkie, Cropital, Cleaning Ladies, Investagram and Ms. Diane!

The promising start-ups

1. Populi - is an analytics platform that utilizes big data for politicians to visualize public pulse in real time by aggregating social media and news engagements online.
2. Investagrams - is a website and app that provide education, analytic tools and information, everything you need in the stock market from start-to-profits.
3. Cleaning Lady - a mobile app that lets a user: specify his/her cleaning services needs, hire a cleaner, book a schedule, get an upfront service quote and get the cleaning done.
4. InvestED - is a microfinancing platform for student loans.
5. Banyera - is an online marketplace for wholesale farmed fish products.
6. Tarkie - is a field employee tracking and productivity tool
7. Taxumo - is a mobile and web app that helps SME's, professionals, freelancers and corporations with their taxes.
8. E.A.R.S.  - a wearable device for the deaf/hearing-impaired: an early warning, detection, reaction device that protects users while outdoors from accidents/collisions/threats.
9. Tralulu - a digital platform that connects travelers and local guides by allowing travelers to book guides and customize their itineraries with them.
10. Cropital - is a crowdfunding platform that connects anyone to help finance our farmers
Ms. Diane discussing their experience with the 2016 batch of startups!
Ms. Diane discussing their experience with the 2016 batch of startups!

Each of these start-ups will be receive Php 500,000 in equity-free funding on top of the non-cash benefits such as housing, transportation, incorporation, office space, communication, software support, trainings and classes as well as mentoring from executives of the companies under the First Pacific.
After their individual presentation we can see that they are all having fun!
After their individual presentation we can see that they are all having fun!

At the event five of these start ups were given the floor to present to us their product or service and we at GIZGUIDE found that each of them are passionate and are detail oriented with each of their products/ services. In fact, most of our questions regarding practicality and implementation was each answered competently. 

IdeaSpace is supported by the following companies: First Pacific, PLDT, Meralco, Maynilad, Smart Communications, Inc., Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), Metro PacificTollways Corporation, MPIC hospital group, First Pacific Leadership Academy, Digitel Mobile Philippines and its mobile brand Sun Cellular, SPI Global, ePLDT, Indofood, Philex Mining, MediaQuest, and TV5. To know more about IdeaSpace, visit www.ideaspacefoundation.org now.
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