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LG Highlights 2016 Line Of 4K OLED TVs, Gives 30% Discount Until July 31, 2016!

Earlier, LG Electronics, the global innovation leader showcased their latest line of premium OLED TVs that's now available in the here in the Philippines. The 2016 line includes the 65 inch E6 with Harman Kardon soundbar, 65 inch C6 curved TV, 65 inch B6, and 55 inch B6.
LG OLED TVs are the best TVs in PH yet

In that event, we were treated with details highlighting why LG's brand of OLED TV is the best in the country that's designed to revolutionize your home entertainment experience.

As we all know, OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes), are self lighting pixels that delivers superior image quality that delivers the deepest and most natural blacks, amazing contrast, and outstanding color reproduction.

Great form factor, super thin looks!

The slimness of LG's new 2016 line of OLED TVs
The slimness of LG's new 2016 line of OLED TVs

Since OLED tech doesn't need backlighting, it allows LG to curate the OLED TV to be as slim and light as possible. Not only that, LG made sure the TV will be extra impressive by putting a nice profile with super thin bezels that makes it great in your eyes. It's slimness also matches any interior decors easily without eating too much space. 

Mastery of viewing angles

Great view on any angle
Great view on any angle

As a result of the OLED design and innovations, LG's 2016 line of TVs boast the closest thing to perfection yet when it comes to viewing angles. The trick was achieved by minimizing the jarring bezels on the frame of the screen. It's mastery in viewing angles makes anyone enjoy its super deep blacks, beautiful colors, and contrast in whenever you are in a room.

Over a billion colors experience

LG's OLED TV's in 4K delivers a billion of natural colors that delivers a full range of bright whites, and deepest blacks. This will let anyone appreciate whatever they are viewing better. Whether its watching movies, your favorite TV shows, and YouTube you'll surely enjoy it.

It's also future proof!

LG's OLED TVs are the only TV line that supports HDR10 and Dolby vision format that's used by Disney, MGM, and Universal. It makes it buyers prepared for the HDR era that'll conquer the industry in the next few years.

Full and clear sound

One of the nicest things found with LG's E series of 4K OLED TVs is its ability to deliver one of the nicest stock sound found on a TV. Powered by Harman Kardon audio, LG developed an innovative Sound Bar that also acts as a TV stand. Aside from its clever space saving design and good looks, it sounds full and great.

The Sound Bar Stand is capable of delivering life like clarity, deep and punch bass, sparkling highs, and wider than expected soundstage.
“LG’s unique OLED innovations are definitely changing the game when it comes to the total entertainment experience,” said Tony An, LG Philippines VP for Home Entertainment. “With the LG OLED TV line, Filipino consumers can enter a whole new world of realistic, vivid, and immersive image and sound, right in their living rooms.”
LG's remote and magic remote
LG's remote and magic remote

The 2016 LG OLED TVs are already available here in the Philippines. They retail for: 65 inch E6 at 349,990 Pesos, 65 inch C6 at 299,990 Pesos, 65 inch B6 at 249,990 Pesos, and 55 inch B6 at 149,990 Pesos.

To make things sweeter, those who'll purchase any of the above-mentioned variant will get 30% off from July 15 to 31, 2016 on either cash and credit card straight charge payment.

For more info visit LG's website now.
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