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Mophie Juice Pack Air Case With 1700 mAh Battery For iPhone 6/6S Is Priced At 4850 Pesos!

Apple's iPhone 6/6S aren't known to have great battery life. That's why its a must to carry a powerbank with you all the time. What if there's a clever way on ensuring that your phone won't run out of juice easily?

Mophie Juice Pack Air case Philippines
Mophie Juice Pack Air case

Enter Digital Walker's featured gear this month called the Mophie Juice Pack Air, a case and powerbank in one designed for your iPhone 6/6S.
Mophie Juice Pack Air back view
Mophie Juice Pack Air back view

It features a rugged design with shock proof rubberized support, durable outer-band, and raised bezel edge for your peace of mind. In terms of battery capacity, it'll almost double the low 1,810 mAh - 1,715 mAh battery of your iPhone by putting in 1,700 mAh of juice inside the case.

That'll basically make your iDevice last longer for you to enjoy taking more photos, watching more videos, playing more games, doing more calls, and etc. with less hassle of plugging in long cables and bulky powerbanks.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air Case with 1,700 mAh battery is currently available at all Digital Walker stores in the Philippines with an SRP of 4,850 Pesos.

For more info visit their Facebook page now.
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