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Smart And Globe To Implement 911 Emergency Hotline Nationwide!

Finally! Apart from the newly launched 8888 citizen hotline, the same 911 emergency response hotline implemented by President Duterte in Davao will be a nationwide thing soon. 
Smart And Globe To Implement 911 Emergency Hotline Nationwide!eplace Patrol 117 To 911 Nationwide!
Smart and Globe will implement 911 emergency hotline nationwide!

Earlier, both Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP) the Chairman of PLDT / Smart and Mr/ Ernest Cu the President and CEO of Globe Telecoms signed an agreement with the government and private sectors that they'll implement the transition from the old Patrol 117 hotline with 911.

Starting this August of 2016, 911 will be the new Nationwide Emergency Response hotline of the Philippines. It is expected to address the needs of our countrymen in times of calamities, medical needs, police assistance, floods, fires, and other types of emergencies.

Let's also expect this to have better implementation than the dated Patrol 117 hotline.

Great news right? Change is here!

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