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3 Best Sounding Bluetooth Earphones Under 3K Pesos (Mid 2016)

While they're convenient to use and free of wires, most Bluetooth powered earphones sadly fails in producing decent sound quality. Usually, in-order to hear to hear something great, you'll be required to spend at least over 5K Pesos.
3 Best Sounding Bluetooth Earphones Under 3K Pesos (Mid 2016)
3 Best Sounding Bluetooth Earphones Under 3K Pesos (Mid 2016)
Photo credits to Ensogo (Awei), Gavin (Playground), and Musicanywhere

Fortunately, that scenario was only valid 2 years ago. Fast forward 2016, technology evolved, Bluetooth 4.0 w/ aptX was introduced, and there are now few affordable wireless IEM that's readily available in our country.

From all we tried and tested, there are only 3 affordable Bluetooth IEM (in ear monitors) that impressed us so far. So we list them down.

1. Awei S980BL - This in ear monitor is dubbed to be "HiFi" powered set priced at just around 800 - 1K Pesos it is one of the most pocket friendly Bluetooth set in the land today.

Sonically, the sound is still far from HiFi and the build quality isn't the most solid, but for the price I wouldn't complain. It has good amount of bass with tough of sub-bass that most "regular consumers" will appreciate. Anyway, this would still be a good workout buddy that gives you decent tunes to keep you pumped up.

2. Playground BS220 - The BS220 by Playground is a head-turner when I first saw it from Randolph of Pinoyscreencast.net. It comes with high-grade braided cables that should make it tough enough even for your rigorous workouts. In terms of sound, it's better than the Awei S980Hi, has clean and full sounding signature with that blast powerful bass when needed. It retails for 1,690 Pesos only.

3. Musicanywhere AD503 - The AD503 is one of the best tuned Bluetooth powered headphones I've heard under 10K.

As a matter of fact, even if it has technically the same details against the Jaybird Bluebuds X (7.5K Pesos), the Musicanywhere AD503 comes with thicker bass response and finer treble sparkle. Plus all the other frequencies from mids, highs, and etc. ranks among the cleanest I heard when compared to modern high-end Bluetooth earphones. Priced at just 2,495 Pesos, this IEM is a steal.

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So far that's what we have in mind. Happy listening!

Did we miss anything? Just let us know.
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