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Mophie High Quality Battery Cases Now In The Philippines!

Mophie, a well known maker of Apple certified battery cases for iPhone and battery solution for Samsung is now in the Philippines. The company claims the number 1 in protective battery case market and number 1 in the Portable Power market too.
iPhone 6 Juice Pack H2Pro (Black) in water

As per Mophie, the company decided to enter the country because they believe that it is the best time for them to deliver better battery solutions not just for iPhone, but for Android handsets as well.
iPhone 6 Juice Pack H2Pro (Black) in mud
iPhone 6 Juice Pack H2Pro (Black) in mud

Dubbed as Powerstations instead of powerbanks, Mophies line of battery cases are also teh most durable around. They're rugged and designed to withstand drops and even harsh conditions while adding more juice to your device.

At the press launch, Mophie showcased their battery cases, battery and storage, and universal batteries. Price ranges from 1,950 to 6,950 Pesos.

Mophie also stated that they are looking to bring more premium products before 2016 ends. It includes, Charge Force (Mophie’s wireless battery solutions) and Powerstations.

Mophie products are officially distributed by Digits Trading Corporation. They're now available at all Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores nationwide.

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