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Redfox New Logo Launched, Aims To Go Global And Teased Upcoming High Grade Devices!

Last night, Redfox Technologies had their major re-launch and logo change. From now on, the Filipino owned international technology brand will position itself as an OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) that will create world class yet affordable products to to cater the millennials, middle class, and upper class consumers globally.
Redfox New Logo Launched
Redfox new logo with Mr. Andy Te (CEO of Redfox)

Their new front facing fox logo (combination of a heart and diamond shape) is a bold statement that they're now ready to move forward and take over. Redfox transformed their business approach as they try to have deeper Global penetration by living "Luxury within Reach" mantra in all the things they do.
Full view of the new Redfox logo
Full view of the new Redfox logo

The welcome change that they're saying is Redfox will now venture into other technology aspects aside from what they do best. So aside from PCs, laptops, and 2-in-1 devices, Redfox has teased us that they'll now have their own PC stick, AIO PC (All in one), and gaming laptops that can compete with the best in the world!
Redfox line of devices
Redfox line of devices
A PC stick with tripod stand

Redfox will also now manufacture in their own end to end factories a new line of peripherals will include headphones, speakers, and other PC accessories.
Redfox Aurea E10, Aurea S10, Aurea R10, Aurea D20, an Aurea E11 teased!
Redfox Aurea E10, Aurea S10, Aurea R10, Aurea D20, an Aurea E11 teased!

Then for us, the most exciting part of their launch is the teaser of the Aurea line. It is their very own line of luxury smartphones that embodies great design, ergonomics, modern specs, and features with pricing within reach.

In line with this, Redfox is building a service center that will provide support to their customers 24/7.

Apart from that revamped company also announced that their consumers will soon get to see the first Redfox UXperience Center in Southeast Asia that will offer a state of the art E-Sports and learning center experience.

All of this is possible due to their hard work and dedication together with the right global partners such as Intel, NVIDIA, E-Blue, and Samsung Components.

For more info check out their website at www.redfoxtechnologies.com now.
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