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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 With Green Battery Icon Is Marked As Safe, Now In The Philippines!

Last night we announced that the new and safe Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just arrived here i the Philippines. It will be distributed to every customer who participated in their replacement program starting October 1.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 With Green Battery Icon Is Marked As Safe, Now In The Philippines!
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 green battery icon

Earlier, we met with Samsung Philippines and got an explanation on everything that happened in this whole exploding and flaming Note 7 issue. The Korean giant stated that it is due to a slight misalignment of positive and negative cathode. As a result, the insulation becomes insufficient when it reaches a certain temperature. Fortunately, Samsung was able to act on this immediately where they fixed the problem immediately.

Customer safety is a top priority

What Samsung did to address the problem is replace the 2.5 million devices they sold globally with no questions asked. On top of that, the company also sent a forced OTA update that will limit the charging of the battery to 60%. It'll also get notifications every hour telling you to surrender your phone and have it replaced. After those safety measures that Samsung did, they did not receive any issue from phones with 60% charge globally.

The new units

Check out that black box mark below the retail package
Check out that black box mark below the retail package

The new Note 7 units that are marked as safe will have a new box with a black "box" mark in the sticker below. On the phone itself, Samsung was allowed by Google to use the green battery icon in the notification, always on display, and power off to help distinguish a new Note 7 from an old one. Then unlike the old Note 7 units, the new Note 7 can be charged up to 100% and will be allowed on all major airports globally.
As long as the color of your battery icon is green, your unit is safe!
In the Philippines, Samsung has a goal of replacing all Note 7 units in the country this October 15. Then those who failed to engage earlier replacement program can still participate until December 31, 2016.
Green battery icon on the top bar
Green battery icon on the top bar

The company will replace your old unit to any Samsung service center with a brand new phone even without a receipt as long as it it officially bought in any official Samsung store globally.

However, those who got it from gray sellers won't get a replacement. Why? Gray units are considered smuggled, it has no warranty, and Samsung Philippines official will get a massive fine if they'll accept them.

3 ways to participate in the replacement program

1. Wait until October 1, 2016 for the replacement;
2. Exchange it with an S7 Edge phone starting October 10 and get the reimbursement in the price difference;
3. Get a full reimbursement that started last September 10, 2016.

Samsung will also treat the loyal Note 7 users with a free screen protector and a Samsung gift coupon worth 1K Pesos upon replacement.

For more info visit this link http://www.samsung.com/ph/note7replacement/ now!
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