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Zookal, The Reviewer Mobile App Is Now In The Philippines For FREE!

Great news for everyone especially those who love to learn and review! Zookal, the FREE mobile application that serves as a digital reviewer and learning materials is finally now in the Philippines!
Zookal, The Reviewer Mobile App Is Now In The Philippines For FREE!
The FREE Zookal app!

An app developed by Zookal, a Singapore-based education company, the app aims to provide a democratic access to better education without the need of spending a lot of money. It can be used by Filipino students to pass an entrance exam to universities and other achievement test with review materials that can be easily accessed with the use of your smartphone.

Zookal, founded by students in Australia in 2011 was developed to maximize mobile technology to help make learn more affordable and accessible to everyone. In particular, those without access to expensive resources such as review centers and materials.
Zookal works like your personal and FREE tutor for entrance exams!
As a result, the app helps increase the chances of the underprivileged members of the society to pass entrance examinations to universities by allowing them to review for FREE with the use of their mobile devices.

What are the main features of Zookal?

The app contains a HUGE database of over 20,000 practice multiple-choice questions designed for various entrance test for schools like UPCAT, NAT (National Achievement Test), licensure examinations for professionals, and even those who wants to work for the government.

The app simulates a multiple-choice entrance test. Then after completing the quizzes, users earns a bonus study tips to provide a healthy study habit which have been compiled by students from UP (University of the Philippines) and teachers from Teach for the Philippines.
Examples of practical tips are the following: Take note of the scoring schemes for the tests e.g. UP may deduct for wrong answers; ACET may be time-pressured, so if you do not know the answer skip the item and go back to it if you have extra time; Book a hotel nearby to avoid stress relating to traffic and delays on the day of the exams; Wear comfortable clothes on the day of the exams, among others.
Apart from that, the app is also looking to expand its content to cover other test such as NCLEX, IELTS, GMAT, and etc.

Zookal will also have a future update where it'll explain why the answer is correct and others are wrong so it'll have a deeper impact to the user that will result to better learning. The app also helps make the student psychologically ready for the exams.

Here's some testimonials from the first actual users of the app

1. ”You can't find an app that can compare to Zookal. Effective, absolutely helpful, and best of all, it's FREE.” - Alexa Doverte
2. “This APP is priceless. Both figuratively and literally. Comprehensive and easy to use!” - Monching Aguinaldo
3. “Zookal App doesn't only help me prepare for a test but also gives useful study tips that find my weak points and gives advice as to where I should improve” - Vana Raye Sabanal
4. “Thumbs up to this super helpful app! Now, I don't have to worry about buying costly reviewers cause it's all here and it's free!” - Faith Fredeluces
5. "This is basically an ALL IN ONE app. Easy to access and you don’t have to download each app, each test. It's all in Zookal app!" - Lia Martinez

Zookal is an instant hit!

The app, which was launched in our country recently has already registered over 20K downloads in the first few weeks during its release. There was even a time where it ranked 2nd in the education app ranking in the iOS App store. At Google Play, it is also included in the most downloaded apps for Android devices.
“We are very proud to have made an impact in the first two week of launch. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from our users and we are working very diligently to make improvements to the product. Buying books and going to reviewer centers are not feasible for every single family, so if we can help some families access resources that were previously unavailable to them, then we will strive to do so on as big a scale as possible,” said Jon Tse, Co-Founder, Zookal.
"With the app, we hope to contribute towards attaining the global development goals in education particularly in the Philippines, and increase the chances of Filipinos who cannot afford reviewer services to pass entrance exams and other tests that would help improve their lives for the long term," added Tse.
The app is now ready for download for FREE at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Then if the app is now compatible with iOS and Android OS, it maybe directly downloaded at www.zookal.com.ph now.

Great news right? Happy learning!
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