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Sub PHP 5K Smartphones With Gyroscope Sensor For The Next Pokemon Master!

Pokemon was a big part of of our childhood. We watched the anime, played the Game Boy games and played the trading card game. We cherish those memories and up until now, a small part of us wants to travel the world, and become the next Pokemon Master! 
Sub PHP 5K Smartphones With Gyroscope For The Next Pokemon Master!
Phones under 5K with gyroscope sensor

However, not every phone has gyroscope. What if you are on a tight budget? sSo we made a list of sub PHP 5K smartphones with gyroscope sensor for the next aspiring Pokemon Master with limited funds.

In no particular order!

Cherry Mobile One G1
Cherry Mobile One G1

1. Cherry Mobile One G1  - This is one of the Philippines few Google One series phone where it offers stellar specs for an even stellar price point that showcases what vanilla ANDROID has to offer!

BlackView BV2000

2. BlackView BV2000 -  Now priced at just PHP 3,999, the BV2000 is wonderful because it's specs is good enough to play the Pokemon GO app with AR. It also has LTE connectivity. The only downside is its use of just 8 GB of ROM. This however make it the perfect secondary phone for the sole use of POKEMON GO!

Acer Liquid Zest 3G

3. Acer Liquid Zest 3G - One of the few Marshmallow equipped PHP 3999 phone on the market. This phone will surely be one of best phones for the to have the newer OS out of the box! 

Cherry Mobile Touch XL 2
Cherry Mobile Touch XL 2

4. Cherry Mobile Touch XL 2 - Dubbed as the most affordable VR ready phone in the market, the Touch XL 2 has a HUGE 6 inch HD screen, 1 GB RAM, and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

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Cherry Mobile Cosmos S2

5. Cherry Mobile Cosmos S2 -  Originally priced at 9,999, the Cosmos S2 is now the most affordable phone with Snapdragon 615 chip and gyroscope sensor in the sub PHP 5K range.

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Oh by the way, aside from playing Pokemon GO, you may also try VR headsets to view VR contents using the above-mentioned phones.

That's it on our list! Did we miss anything? If you have any recommendations that we missed, let us know in the comments and if you bought any of the phones we listed, tell us your experience. Till next time!
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