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PayPal Partners With PayMaya To Help Filipino Freelancers

The recent innovations to communication and information dissemination has opened new opportunities for employers and for employees to work with lesser restrictions. Examples of these are field work and remote work where in an employee can be at a distant location from the headquarters but are still able to meet the needs and requirements of the work assigned to him or her. 
PayPal Partners with PayMaya
PayPal Partners with PayMaya

This has also opened the floodgates to better opportunities for freelance workers and employers as this would allow a wider area of search for a more qualified employee for the job. One of the major struggles with this in the local setting was a quick and easy way to liquidate the money earned from the transaction.

From our experience, it would take several business days for Paypal and my chosen banking institution to release our hard earned cash when we need it most. Paymaya, a leader in e-finance with a built up reputation to liquidate your Paymaya credits quickly has partnered with the leading Payment platform, Paypal to further fast track the liquidation of the freelancer's hard earn cash as quickly and as convenient as possible! 

With the withdrawal done via PayMaya, this eliminates the need for the freelancer to visit their banking institution and just have it directly to their PayMaya account which they can purchase with their unique PayMaya Credit card or withdraw cash at authorized outlets.

The kicker is that if you withdraw your cash from PayMaya you get a significant discount to withdrawal fees from Paypal! Effectively adding more money to your savings!

The Freedom of Freelancers by PayPal One of the biggest challenges faced by freelancers is receiving and making payments, especially as their work typically transcends borders. This is where PayPal comes in - by delivering peace of mind to freelancers with a payment platform that makes transacting faster, safer and easier so that they can focus on their craft.


Enables the freelancer life - PayPal offers a hassle-free, agnostic platform not tied to any device so that they can connect and receive payments from clients all around the world. Freelancers also enjoy the ease of withdrawals without the need of credit card verification. On the backend, PayPal helps safeguard revenues with one of the most sophisticated fraud prevention engines in the world.
Helps freelancers embrace a future that is mobile - PayPal Mobile Checkout allows customers to maximize their sales opportunities through its mobile-optimized solution, bringing their business everywhere.
Makes it easier for freelancers to share their invoices - PayPal’s Invoicing tool allows freelancers and micro businesses to create and email professional invoices easily.
Provides freelancers with a customized payment link - With PayPal.Me for Business, freelancers can create a customized payment link for receiving international commercial payments with their existing PayPal account. Payees can access the link to complete the payment, and the funds will be transferred to the receiver’s account usually within seconds.
For more info, kindy visit: www.paymaya.com and www.paypal.com now!
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