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Yanson Buses Are Equipped Transcend DrivePro 100 Dashcams

For the safety of bus passengers and drivers, Yanson Group of Bus Companies has integrated Transcend's reliable DrivePro 100 dashcams in their vehicles.
Transcend DrivePro 100
Transcend DrivePro 100 installed inside Yanson buses

As a quick refresher, Yanson Group of Bus Companies is the largest land transport company in the country. It compromises of Ceres Transport Inc., Rural Transit of Mindanao Inc., and Bachelor Express Inc. This family conglomerate of transport companies has a combined operating units of over 2,000 vehicles as of January 2008 all over the Philippines.
Yanson buses
Yanson buses

To address the problem of monitoring and add safety measures to all their current vehicles. The company has trusted Transcend as their partner in providing high-quality dashcams to record high-quality videos even without connecting the devices into the vehicles.

The integration of Transcend DrivePro 10 has solved a number of incidents inside the vehicle and on the road. It includes such as arguments between passengers and conductors, and also monitors passengers in case of a robbery incident.

On top of that, the DrivePro 100 has also given the managers of the Yanson Group of Bus Companies to personally monitor the activities of their drivers and conductors, if they are treating the passengers well, or determine if the driver was being reckless on the road, which can lead to accidents and cause heavy traffic congestion.

Why Transcend DrivePro 100?

The Transcend DrivePro 100
The Transcend DrivePro 100

The device features high-quality lens that automatically adjust to different lighting conditions for fuller clarity most of the time. It has the ability to record 720p or 1080p videos at 30 frames per second in a 130-degree wide angled lens. There's also an infrared filter lens to prevent fogging even after long periods of recording.

Then even if its switched off, the G-sensor included detects impacts and collisions, automatically switching on the dashboard camera. This also protects the bus while parked, on instances when people try to break-in to the bus.

Even if the battery has died, this dashcam can record addition 30 seconds of video. It comes with an easy to operate DrivePro PC Tool for Windows OS w/ screenshot function. A tool great for reporting incidents to insurance companies or claims settlement for police.

As a result, managers are allowed to remotely supervise passenger for a much safer journey.
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